Church of Christ Family Camp is just that, a church camp centered on Christ and designed for the family.  The four day camp is set up to give the family the break it needs away from the everyday tasks of the grueling and not so caring world.  Share in great lessons and messages from God’s Word, while taking advantage of spirit strengthening prayer time and conversation.  The scheduled speakers have included men such as Jerry Weller, Dick Chambers, Rick Breidenbaugh, Mike Breidenbaugh, Dan Smith, Ray Bennett, Don Cooper, Troy Northrop, Jason Corder, Aaron Davis, and Dean Jackson along with many other faithful evangelists, elders and men of the Church.

In addition to the sermons and fellowship time we have now added a morning youth session that is led out and shared by the youth themselves.  Looking to make our children of today our leaders of tomorrow.   This session is still supervised by adults, but geared for the youth.  We have also been changing or tweeking the format of the rest of the family camp services to better serve the Savior and to learn about the Lord.

If you are interested in a place where you can be encouraged in the Word and edified in the Lord then plan on attending the Church of Christ Family Camp.  The Church of Christ Family Camp is supported by Churches of Christ from Michigan, Indiana, Iowa , Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio.  Please come and share with those of like precious faith as we have an encouraging time in the Lord.  We invite you to make the Church of Christ Family Camp your summer camp for your entire family.

Please Notice that the Ludlow Falls Campground does not permit pets to stay on the premises.